Powerful, Explosive Rock n’ Roll from Sweden.


Blackout Station

Released: 2014
Label: High Roller Records


1. Blackout Station
2. Talk Is Cheap
3. Burn It Down
4. Hail Rock n’ Roll
5. It’s A Long Way Home
6. Grind For A Dime
7. Give It To Me
8. Hard To Please
9. Damn You Woman
10. Wild And Untame


Recorded at PAMA Studios.
Mix by Mankan Sedenberg and Master by Maxe Axelsson.
Cover design by Gustav Sandstedt (www.shagbagboy.com).
Band photos by Philip Truong.
All songs written and produced by Dynamite




“There are no bad songs or weak moments on this masterpiece. If you are a fan of great rock n roll, the style of rock n roll that this generation so desperately needs, you’ll want to own this album.”

- Jeff Legg, Metal Temple (10/10)


“No fillers, all killers”

- Jens Peters, Rock Hard Magazine (8,5/10)

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Lock n load

Released: 2013
Label: Denomination Records


1. Bullseye
2. Stone Heart Rebel
3. Lock N’ Load
4. Work Hard For The Money
5. Gone Wild
6. Diamond Vagabond
7. Wild Wild Woman
8. Midnight Lady
9. Streetfighting Blues
10. Ain’t Like You
11. Dynamite


Recorded at Studio Raw. Mix and master by Mankan Sedenberg. Cover design by Gustav Sandstedt (www.shagbagboy.com). Photos by Philip Truong. All songs written and produced by Dynamite



“The hit density of this album is truly remarkable!” 

- Frank Albrecht, RockHard Magazine (8.5/10)


“The quality of this debut is surprisingly high and even, just like the charm in their performance.”

- Dennis Karlsson, Sweden Rock Magazine (8/10)

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